Husami & Associates has only grown over time because of our deep client relationships. Fundamentally, we have no greater asset than the understanding and trust between advisor and investor—than consultant and business partner. That’s why we’ve taken great care, over time, to help potential clients gauge what their goals are and how we can help, and ultimately—if Husami & Associates is the right fit for you. This is the cornerstone and promise of our business: ensuring that our capabilities, methods and philosophy are in harmony with your financial planning needs and expectations.

Financial stability is nothing without trust.

Our tailored approach begins with consistent touch-points:

I. Foundation – the groundwork to identify your expectations and needs

a. The Introduction, a dialogue
b. Logistics

The foundational meeting serves as the first point where we invite you to tell us about your goals, any pressing concerns and general expectations. Simultaneously, in this meeting Husami & Associates introduces the firm; our convictions, capabilities, methods and who we are as people.

II. Discovery – understanding your long-term positioning and how we can help

a. Gather your data
b. Discuss your current position
c. Develop your goals

This is the point where you can “test the waters”. Of course your time and money is important, but trust will be paramount in building a relationship with us. And, if that trust is reciprocal, we can begin to act on your goals. We’ve found that our most successful relations are with clients who are simultaneously as forthcoming and collaborative as we are.

III. Strategy & Development – mapping the tactics to help achieve your goals

a. Present and discuss recommendations
b. Adopt plans

At this stage, both the client and Husami & Associates begin to engage at a more granular level. It’s a chance to deep-dive into more technical questions, tactics and immediate strategies.

IV. Implementation

V. Ongoing Vigilance

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