Wealth is a means to a goal – Not the goal itself. At the simplest level, it can be arranged and used to meet one’s immediate physiological and security needs. At the most complex level, it can be deployed to meet one’s higher aspirations of esteem, self-actualization and even joy. It is our job to attentively tune into how you visualize achieving those higher aspirations. Thus, when considering your wealth – your treasure – we always begin with one fundamental question: Why?

Your purpose and intention behind every goal is the most important part of any conversation with us. It is our challenge and mandate to develop a careful, thoughtful pathway to your goals, utilizing the financial tools and instruments that are right for you.

That’s why we listen—with great gravity and care—to your needs, wishes and incentives.

Ultimately, wealth is more than just a dollar amount, it’s a door to achieve so much more – beyond wealth itself.

Husami & Associates takes you beyond wealth management