You don’t pay us to make you rich

It is our responsibility to help keep you rich. We are here to help you preserve, protect and grow your money without undue risk. Emotions often overtake reason when it comes to money and you need a trusted advisor who has put together a sound plan for you and then helps you stick with it.

It is not how much you make, but how much you keep

Taxes are by far one of the biggest risks to multigenerational wealth. From income taxes to gift and inheritance taxes, more than 50% of your wealth could be consumed by taxes. That’s why the relationship between wealth management and tax management is crucial. We are multidisciplined CFPs as well as CPAs and Enrolled Agents. We have in-depth knowledge of income tax laws, transfer (gift and inheritance) tax laws and investment methods. We have these credentials to help you keep more of what you have and deliver on your promises to your loved ones.

We go beyond typical financial planning

We believe that wealth is not an end by itself but a means to fulfill your vision and realize your dreams. Thus, we go beyond typical planning and portfolio management. We are here to help you manage your entire financial life. The most crucial part of our job is to know your goals, aspirations, concerns, and needs. We stretch our ears over our face to hear you – listening and taking in that which is truly important to you. Once we understand what you want and need, the methods we use to get you to your goals is the easy part.

True stock market losses only happen when you sell

The market news amplifies the sensation of loss and instills fear. However, you only experience loss if you sell. It is similar to your house. At some point the value of your house may drop. But, if you are not selling today, the current value is not important. It is our job to help bring you confidence by creating access to secure, short-term investments and resources so you may not have to sell and experience a loss with your long-term investments. Historically, speaking, the markets have recovered following a downturn, but past performance does not guarantee future results.

Your neighbor will share his stock market successes (but not all the bad decisions and money lost)

We help you make sound decisions when anxiety strikes. Just because your neighbor boasts of big successes in the stock market doesn’t mean you should follow their lead. No one knows exactly which stock will go up and when it will go down. The truth is, we don’t know how to pick stock; our focus is only on you. We rely on researchers who focus their entire careers on uncovering everything they can about a company from the indiscretions of a CEO to new products in development. Sometimes the lay stock pickers get it right, but history proves that they are much more likely to be wrong than right.

Our purpose is simple

Ambiguity breeds anxiety and fear. Peace of mind comes when you have clarity and understanding. As financial advisors, our purpose is to help deliver peace of mind by taking the time to know you and your goals, designing a plan to help you secure your goals, and then making sure that you understand how your plan will work for you. It is only through compatibility, competence and shared values that an advisor can be a true match for you to truly instill confidence and bring peace of mind.

Giving the gift of our time

Our clients know that they can give the gift of our time and knowledge to family members, friends and associates. We give a free, in-depth session to answer all of their questions with no expectation that they will become a client or that we will accept them as a client. People insist to pay; however, we say no as this is a gift from our client who introduced us.